Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson My research interests include the application of dependency relations and other structural features to active learning, and methods of automated feature discovery.

Chris Inskip

Chris Inskip My current research focusses on the application of machine learning techniques to infer latent user demographic attributes on social media.

David Spence

David Spence My main area of research is quantification and in particular whether quantification at a sub-class level can give better performance.

David Weir

David Weir I co-direct the Laboratory. My research interests include mildly context-sensitive grammar formalisms, syntactic parsing and lexical semantics.

Jack Pay

Jack Pay I am a PhD student focusing on pre-processing techniques for use in topic modelling. I am also a member of the Sussex Humanities Laboratory, involved in developing technology for large scale data capture and analysis.

Jeremy Reffin

Jeremy Reffin I co-direct the Laboratory. My current research interests are in applying NLP technology to solving real-world problems and in developing the APT model of language.

Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor

Julie Weeds

Julie Weeds My main research interest is lexical semantics. In particular, I am interested in compositional distributional semantics and linguistic variation. As a former member of the Sussex Humanities Lab and a lecturer on the Data Science MSc, I am also interested in data analysis, computational modelling and applying state-of-the-art NLP techniques to extracting knowledge from unstructured data.

Justin Crow

Justin Crow

Matti Lyra

Matti Lyra I am interested in using NLP techniques to solve business problems and drive product development. My research efforts mainly focus on supervised and unsupervised methods for text classification and ensemble methods.

Roland Davis

Roland Davis Distributional semantics, language modelling and measurement of plausibility.

Simon Wibberley

Simon Wibberley My primary research area is applied computational social science - I'm mainly interested in how analysts and researchers can be empowered by computational approaches. I also am the lead technical architect behind Method52.

Thomas Kober

Thomas Kober My primary research interest is compositional distributional semantics. I am furthermore interested in neural network approaches for natural language problems, as well as in active learning, semi-supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

Tom Ball

Tom Ball